Professor Erkki Uusi-Rauva

Professor Erkki Uusi-Rauva graduated and earned his doctorate from Tampere University of Technology (Finland) and started his career in engineering industry.

The Catalan technological centres: challenges and opportunities

Jordi Camí Director of Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB)

Ramon Garriga
Ramon Garriga - Industrial Engineer, expert in Energy Technology Assessment analysis of indicators and follow-up of action lines R+D+4i Project Euro-Action Group Association

Last 26th of April, took place the fourth General Assembly of the R+D+4i Euro-Action Group Association and an open session on Regional innovation at the Aula Europa of the EU institutions headquarters in Barcelona.

Our purpose

To respond to the challenges that globalization poses to the European Union by means of "EU Locomotive Economic Regions" (EULER) civil society.
To foster progress in the EU through the promotion of R+D+4i Factors of excellence (Research, Development, innovation, identity, impact and infrastructure.

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New EU Region concept

The EU Locomotive Economic Region (EULER) concept, takes into account key homogenous, and solid areas of development, all over the European Union, based in socio-economic parameters (more than 1% contribution to EU GDP, clear internal cohesion ties, wide recognized identity, business-oriented economy, diversified and tangible activity sectors, strong economic openness, and capacity of leadership in these six factors of excellence).

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Pillars of RD4i Project

Constitution of a Non Profit European Association (R+D+4i Project Euro Action Group) based in the EULER network following pillars:

  • Business/Employer associations
  • Professional Associations
  • Academic World, including Universities, Business Schools, and Research centers

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Structure of the Project

The project is structure in four years cycles. Each cycle includes five different steps:

  • Analysis of EULER network competitiveness
  • Action Plan preparation
  • Conference on R+D+4i Project/Approval of Action Plan and Final Statement
  • Publication of Conference papers
  • Monitoring of the key strands in the Action Plan

Every Cycle will have a host EULER to lead the Project.

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Work plan

  • To analyze the 6 factors of excellence trough several indicators (maximum 50 macro and 15 micro)
  • To evaluate and benchmark the current situation in EULER network
  • To organize a final Conference to present the results of the Analysis and the Action Plan with future improvement measures
  • To establish a Permanent Observatory in order to control the Action Plan achievements

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