New EU Region concept

Political concept versus Socio-economic concept
Until now the economical politics of the European Union have been to tray to increase the situation of the countries with a lower economic level. It has been good politics point of view and some good results have been reaching. The Euro-Action Group Association don't regret this achievements, but thinks that a change is necessary if we want a Europe prepared to affront the challenges that the globalization is been putting to its economy. If we want to maintain the welfare society we have to give more attention to the regions and to the economic sectors that can be more competitive.
In this sense we believe that it is necessary to give a more important attention to the EULERs, that is the European Union Locomotive Regions, that over the last 100 years have been playing a very important role in its respective countries,
The EU Locomotive Economic Region (EULER) concept, takes into account key homogenous, and solid areas of development, all over the European Union, based in socio-economic parameters (important contribution to EU GDP, clear internal cohesion ties, wide recognized identity, business oriented economy, diversified and tangible activity sectors, strong economic openness, and capacity of leadership in these six factors of excellence).