RD4i Project News #6 July 2011

Leading article | Excellence’s models in Catalonia

Author: Víctor Pou - Professor, IESE Business School R+D+4i Project Euro-Action Group Association

Today there is much talk on excellence, particularly applied to the business world. The famous book "In Search of Excellence", published over twenty years ago, written by Tom Peters and Robert Waterman, has contributed significantly to the expansion of the concept. Business excellence is the set of outstanding practice in managing an organization based on the following aspects:

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Opinion pieces | ICT Infrastructure – Some prospects for the Future

Author: Asko Miettinen Professor at Lappeenranta University of Technology General Coordinator R+D+4i Project in Finland

Information and Communication Technology is a powerful and efficient tool. Its primary task in the wider context of the information society and knowledge economy is to provide opportunities for bettering the lives of people. Infrastructure, respectively, is necessary as the basic structure needed for the operation of a society or enterprise, or the services and facilities necessary for an economy to function. On the other hand, primary ICT infrastructure components are generally monopolistic in nature and require large financial commitments for their development, repair and replacement.

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Opinion pieces | ICT Infrastructure in NRW

Author: Dr. Helmut Karl Institute of Development Research and Development Policy Director

In the perspective of a traditional view on economic sectors the ICT-sector is characterised by his:

- share on GDP (in Germany for instance comparable with the chemical industry) and employment,
- innovation performance in terms of patents, new products and IT-driven processes prominent role concerning the growth process in the European Union.

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Interview with | Dr Jérôme Rive

Dr. Jérôme Rive, Dean, IAE Lyon, has been on the IAE board
since 2002. He lectures in Management Science. Previously hewas the Vice Dean for International Activities, senior lecturer andDirectorfor Program Management and European Affairs,
Master’s of International Management (EPAS accredited in 2008), the European Business Realities program and the General Management Program. He is also responsible for the IAE’s international seminars and international relations for the
Pacific area.

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R+D+4i Project achievements | July 2011

Author: Joan Amorós - General Secretary Executive R+D+4i Project Euro-Action Group Association

The R+D+4i Project Euro-Action Group Association has celebrated its 3rd general assembly on last 7th of April in Via Laietana 39 of Barcelona the venue of the industrial engineers association of Catalonia.
It was attended by the majority of the regular or associated members of Catalonia and by the president, from Lombardy and the general coordinators of the Finland, Flanders, Nord Rhein-Wesfallen and Rhône-Alpes.

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R+D+4i Project related next activities | The R+D+4i next activities - July 2011

A selection of the most relevant activities (conferences, workshops, etc...) related the R+D+4i Project’s factors that will take place in the next months all over the world.

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EULER’s Good news on excellence factors | From Catalonia

ALBA synchrotron now emits light.
One year after its inauguration, the ALBA synchrotron (CELLS) has produced its first ray of light.

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EULER’s Good news on excellence factors | From Finland

R&D expenditure remains high in 2009
In 2009, expenditure on R&D totalled nearly EUR 6.8 billion, equalling 3.96 per cent share of GDP.

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EULER’s Good news on excellence factors | From Rhône-Alpes

14 project grants for facilities of excellence in Rhone-Alpes
The Rhone-Alps region wins 14 major project grants for facilities of excellence.

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Partners | The R+D+4i Project partners

  • FH des Mittelstades, Standort Erft
  • Niederrerhein Institute for Regional And Structural Research-Niers
  • Zentrum für Innovation und Tecnik in NRW-ZENIT
  • Federation of Finnish Enterprises Sypoint Oy
  • JTO School of Management
  • The Finnish Association for Human Resource Management
  • Voka Chamber of Commerce
  • Flanders DC
  • Unizo
  • Institut National des Sciences Appliquées
  • ECAM École d’Engingéurs, Lyon

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R+D+4i Project General Secretariat

Lanfranco Senn

Joan Amorós
Executive General Secretary

Carles Valls
Attached General Secretary

Puri Alba
Technical and administrative secretariat in Catalonia

Ramon Garriga
Assessment analysis of indicators and follow-up of action lines

Víctor Pou
Institutional coordination

Jaume Reguant
Project spreading + Web/Data Base

Josep M. Rovira
Economic control

Joaquim Lambert
Project coordination in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Asko Miettinen
Project coordination in Finland

Angela Airoldi
Project coordination in Lombardy

Jérôme Rive
Project coordination in Rhône-Alpes

Priscilla Boiardi
Project coordination in Flanders

R+D+4i Project Advisory Council

Emilio Colombo
Professor, University Bicocca

Joan Costa
Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science

Salvador Giner
President, Catalan Studies Institute

Pauli Juuti
Research Director, JTO School of Management

Andreu Mas-Colell
Professor, Pompeu Fabra University

Asko Miettinen
Professor, Lappeenranta University of Technology

Pedro Nueno
Professor, IESE, Business School

Marco Percoco
Professor, Bocconi University

Luigi Serio
Professor, Fondazione ISTUD

Jörg Schimmelpfennig
Professor, Ruhr University Bochum
Francesc Solé Parellada
Professor, Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Ramon Tremosa
Professor, Barcelona University

Gerhard Untiedt
Technical University of Clausthal-Zellerfeld,
Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaft

Xavier Vives
Professor, IESE Business School

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