RD4i Project News #7 June 2012

Leading article | The project is going forward

Author: Ramon Garriga - Industrial Engineer, expert in Energy Technology Assessment analysis of indicators and follow-up of action lines R+D+4i Project Euro-Action Group Association

Last 26th of April, took place the fourth General Assembly of the R+D+4i Euro-Action Group Association and an open session on Regional innovation at the Aula Europa of the EU institutions headquarters in Barcelona. Sessions were opened by representatives of the European Commission and the Parliament Office in Barcelona.

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Opinion pieces | The Catalan technological centres: challenges and opportunities

For the Opinion pieces of this newsletter edition we made a summary of the speakers interventions in the Round Table "The science and technology parks in Catalonia: Challenges and Opportunities” held on 8 March organized by R+D+4i Project at the headquarters of the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia (COEIC).
Joan Amorós, the executive secretary general, welcomed the speakers and the attendees and reviews the current situation of the Project.
He welcomed also the presence of Joan Vallvé, dean of COEIC and vice-president of the Association in Catalonia and Josep Maria Piqué, CEO of the Network of Science and Technology Parks of Catalonia.

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Interview with | Professor Erkki Uusi-Rauva

Professor Erkki Uusi-Rauva graduated and earned his doctorate from Tampere University of Technology (Finland) and started his career in engineering industry. Then he joined the academia and served for a long time as professor of industrial management, department head and vice-rector of Tampere University of Technology.
He is currently the director of the joint eMBA programmes organised by the two universities in Tampere. Mr. Uusi-Rauva has memberships in several boards in companies and foundations.

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R+D+4i Project achievements | June 2012

Author: Joan Amorós - General Secretary Executive R+D+4i Project Euro-Action Group Association

The general assembly hold some days ago was a confirmation of the advances of the project since the first assembly celebrated three years ago.
It is a good opportunity to meet the president, the vice-presidents and the general coordinators from all the nowadays involved EULERS (Finland, Flanders, Lombardy, Nord Rhein-Westfallen, Rhône-Alpes and Catalonia) but also to do a balance of the work done during the year and the plans proposed for the next.

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R+D+4i Project related next activities | The R+D+4i next activities - June 2012

A selection of the most relevant activities (conferences, workshops, etc...) related the R+D+4i Project’s factors that will take place in the next months all over the world.

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EULER’s Good news on excellence factors | From Catalonia

Video Microscopy Reveals HIV Infection Mechanisms
Researchers led by ICFO and IrsiCaixa visualize for the first time the dynamic details of the capture of HIV virus by dendrite cells.

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EULER’s Good news on excellence factors | From Finland

Finland ranks high in the Corruption Perception Index 2011
The Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries/territories based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be.

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R+D+4i Project General Secretariat

Lanfranco Senn

Joan Amorós
Executive General Secretary

Carles Valls
Attached General Secretary

Puri Alba
Technical and administrative secretariat in Catalonia

Ramon Garriga
Assessment analysis of indicators and follow-up of action lines

Víctor Pou
Institutional coordination

Jaume Reguant
Project spreading + Web/Data Base

Josep M. Rovira
Economic control

Joaquim Lambert
Project coordination in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Asko Miettinen
Project coordination in Finland

Angela Airoldi
Project coordination in Lombardy

Jérôme Rive
Project coordination in Rhône-Alpes

Priscilla Boiardi
Project coordination in Flanders

R+D+4i Project Advisory Council

Emilio Colombo
Professor, University Bicocca

Joan Costa
Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science

Salvador Giner
President, Catalan Studies Institute

Pauli Juuti
Research Director, JTO School of Management

Andreu Mas-Colell
Professor, Pompeu Fabra University

Asko Miettinen
Professor, Lappeenranta University of Technology

Pedro Nueno
Professor, IESE, Business School

Marco Percoco
Professor, Bocconi University

Luigi Serio
Professor, Fondazione ISTUD

Jörg Schimmelpfennig
Professor, Ruhr University Bochum
Francesc Solé Parellada
Professor, Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Ramon Tremosa
Professor, Barcelona University

Gerhard Untiedt
Technical University of Clausthal-Zellerfeld,
Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaft

Xavier Vives
Professor, IESE Business School

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