RD4i Project News #1 November 2008

Leading article | R+D+4i Project goes forward

Author: Joan Amorós - General director of the R+D+4i Project

Our managerial and professional experience working in multinational companies, teaching in educational institutions, collaborating with employer and scientific associations, driving different kinds of business projects at a European and a global level, enable us to clearly identify six key factors of excellence in order to succeed in the challenges imposed by a global economy in a growing networking world.

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Opinion pieces | Finland's National Innovation Strategy at the Crossroad: The challenge of a Fugitive Success

Author: Prof. Dr. Asko Miettinen - University of Technology, Lappeenranta, Finland

By hard work and determination, the Finns have been able to make their country one of the successful countries in the world. One of the significant achievements is a Nordic-type affluent society with free general education, social and health-care services available to everybody, small income disparities, little poverty and the wide participation of women in working life. Finnish values, such as an appreciation of education and work and technology optimism have also supported country_s recent accomplishments.Finland_s innovation system has been recognized to be well functioning if contribution to R&D and the share of high technology in industrial production and exports are used as indicators.

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Opinion pieces | R&D: The fifth element?

Author: Gian Lluís Ribechini - General coordination of indicators R+D+4i Project

If we think from a different point of view, we can try to find a relationship between the ancient four elements (*Earth*, *Water*, *Air* and *Fire*) and the four _I_ of the project.

The first element we can consider is *Earth*. If we consider that this element can be applied to the terrestrial environment, or to the physical world -this is an element with a great relationship with all the things based on a material nature- then, we can associate this concept with the one called _Infrastructure_ in our project.

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Interview with | Lanfranco Senn

Lanfranco Senn is Professor of Regional Economy at the Bocconi University in Milan. He is Director of the CERTeT (Centro di economia regionale dei trasporti e del turismo), the Center for Regional Economy of Transports and Turism at the Bocconi University, Milan. His areas of interests include: Regional and urban economy, transports, regional policies assessment, input/output analysis.

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Achievements | New achievements of the R+D+4i Project

Author: Joan Amorós - General director of the R+D+4i Project

The R+D+4i Project preparation stage started one year ago.
So far we have achieved:
a ) The implication of the following institutions _in alphabetical order:
In Catalonia (the host region of the 1st Four year cycle): Associaci_/Col_legi d_Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya; Centre d_Estudis Jordi Pujol; Col_legi d_Advocats de Catalunya; Col_legi Oficial de Doctors i Llicenciats en Filosofia, Lletres i Ci_ncies de Catalunya; Col_legi d_Economistes de Catalunya;

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Next activities | R+D+4i Project Euro Action Group 1st Round Meetings

Analysing the keys of the competitiveness of the European economy in a global world.
Next lectures
22 January 2009
The _Open innovation_ in Europe
Wim Vanhaverbeke. Professor, Faculty of Business and Economics,
Hasselt University and Eindhoven University of Technology
10 February 2009
Research, development and entrepreneurship
Pedro Nueno. Professor, IESE Business School
5 March 2009
Jordi Pujol, Former President of Generalitat de Catalunya,
President of Centre Jordi Pujol

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Partners | The R+D+4i Project partners

In this issue we dedicate this space to the Business Schools and Faculties of Economics involved in the R+D+4i Project (in alphabetical order).

  • EADA High School Management and Administration
  • ESADE Business School
  • Faculty of Economics, Ruhr University Bochum
  • Fondazione ISTUD
  • Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration (HSE)
  • IESE Business School
  • Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration (HANKEN)
  • Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
  • Université of Lyon Business and Management School
  • Vlerick Leuven and Gent Management School

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R+D+4i Project General Secretariat

Ms. Puri Alba
Technical and administrative secretariat in Catalonia

Mr. Joan Amorós
General Director

Mr. Ramon Garriga
Assessment analysis of indicators and follow-up of action lines

Mr. Jordi Guix
Project spreading + Web/Forum/Data Base

Mr. Helmut Karl
Project coordination in Nordrhein-Westfalen

Mr. Asko Miettinen
Project coordination in Finland

Mr. Víctor Pou
Institutional coordination

Mr. Gian L. Ribechini
Assessment analysis of indicators and follow-up of action lines

Mr. Josep M. Rovira
Economic control

Mr. Luigi Serio
Project coordination in Lombardy

Mr. Paul Verdin
Project coordination in Flanders

R+D+4i Project Advisory Council


Mr. Salvador Giner
President, Catalan Studies Institute

Mr. Andreu Mas-Collell
Professor, Pompeu Fabra University

Mr. Pedro Nueno
Professor, IESE, Business School

Mr. Lanfranco Senn
Professor, Bocconi University in Milan

Mr. Paul Verdin
Professor, Leuven School Business and Economics


Mr. Joan Costa
Professor, London School of Economics and Political Science

Mr. Asko Miettinen
Professor, Lamperanta University of Technology

Mr. Francesc Solé Parellada
Professor, Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Mr. Ramon Tremosa
Professor, Barcelona University

Mr. Xavier Vives
Professor, IESE Business School

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