Our purpose

The purpose of the R+D+4i Project is to respond to the challenges that globalisation poses to the European Union's (EU) economy. The project has been drawn up by Europe's most advanced Locomotive Economic Regions, which contribute most to creating wealth in the EU.

The project aims to foster progress in the EU through the promotion of R+D+4i Factors of excellence, which are:

  • Research
  • Development
  • Innovation
  • Identity
  • Impact
  • Infrastructure

The Project aims to: analyse European competitiveness on an economic regional basis; produce reports on findings; evaluate the current situation; propose future measures; hold conferences that are broad in scope on a periodic basis; reach conclusions and make these known to the relevant authorities; carry out suitable monitoring.

The R+D+4i philosophy is inextricably linked to the practice of the New Business Culture (NBC). This culture complements scientific management with behavioural management. The latter is based on individuals participation and self-affirmation. Furthermore, it conceives the firm as a powerful source of polycentric thinking that wraps up the process, in which everyone contributes with ideas and thus helps foster quality and added value for products and services, which are highly competitive as a result. Such a New Business Culture is required to meet the challenges posed by today_s competitive globalised economy in general and by Asian countries in particular.

Europe urgently needs to incorporate this philosophy on a broad scale if it is to successfully meet globalisation's challenges.